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Our suppliers offer the best quality Koi fish, Butterfly Koi or Longfin Koi. Many of these selections were originally bred from original champion Japanese Koi.


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Best Selection of Online Koi Sale

Our Koi For Sale: How Do we Select the Best?

You will no doubt be pleased to learn that we do not deal with koi importers, foreign breeders and hatcheries, or other third party distributors. Our preferred supplier has in excess of one hundred breeding ponds spread over three farms, which means that the high level of care, expertise, and professionalism in matching, and mating the best possible koi breeding pairs thus brought to bear on the final results-which you now have easy access to- is unparalleled in the koi keeping industry.

It is exactly this high level of care and expertise of our supplier in breeding, raising, and shipping high quality koi that have been keeping our many satisfied customers coming back for more, and for many years. No matter what your needs are; whether you are looking for prize-winning koi or gold fish, or perhaps a new variety with exquisite colors and patterns to add to your collection, we can supply that need. Every time, and on time- guaranteed.

We are proud to be associated with our exclusive supplier, a koi, and goldfish breeding facility that produces top quality, award winning fish on a consistent basis, and had been doing so for many years.

Some Additional Advice …

While we can confidently guarantee you will always receive high quality koi and gold fish when you deal with us, there are some things that are beyond our control. Issues such as the quality of your pond water, the volume of available water, and the efficiency of your filtration system all play crucial roles in the long-term health of your koi, so to explain why you must have properly aged and cycled water in your pond, among other tips, watch this video by expert koi keeper, Chris Simms, before you purchase your koi fish from us.

Are you looking for that one perfect, show-stopping, award winning Butterfly, or standard Long Fin koi? Alternatively, are you new to the hobby of koi keeping and looking to stock your recently completed garden pond? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you have come to the right place, because no matter what your needs or preferences, we take great pride in the fact that we can fulfill them all.
When you deal with us, there is no further need to shop around for the best quality, show stopping Butterfly koi, standard Long Fin koi, or spectacular specialty gold fish. Our preferred supplier only ships healthy, high quality, American-bred koi varieties that are all descended from established and well-respected Japanese bloodlines and families from their three koi breeding farms.

These facts translate into the assurance that when you deal with us, you are guaranteed to receive the best quality koi your money can buy, but with the added advantage that because our supplier is located on American soil, your precious koi fish will reach you in perfect health and condition, no matter the time of year. We also ship koi the year round, but not only that; we can supply all the popular varieties, colors, and sizes, so stop shopping around for high quality, well-bred koi or gold fish to add to your valuable collection, we have it all-and so can you. It is as simple as view, click, buy!

Best Selection of Online Koi Sale

Some Quick Background Info About Koi

Even though koi are “only” domesticated carp, these living jewels are among the most beautiful creatures in the world, and we would love an opportunity to offer you access to the biggest selection of world class, high quality koi for sale online today at both wholesale, and discounted retail prices- koi that are all descended from award winning Japanese bloodlines and shipped from our local, American-based supplier all the year round in all the most popular sizes!

Koi fish and koi husbandry have become hugely popular ever since they were first bred in Japan in the early 1800’s, when both the colored and wild carp varieties were simply referred to as “koi”. During WWII, the term “Nishikigoi” was applied to the colored variety of carp, but today, the universally used term “koi”, has come to refer to the colored fish we all know and love, and it excludes reference to the wild varieties.

How To Select And Buy The Best KOI FISH For Your Collection

Starting off your koi keeping career in the best possible way, or introducing new bloodlines into your current and valuable koi collection requires not only some thought about your tastes and preferences, it also requires a careful assessment of your pond in terms of available water volume, current stock level, filtration capacity, but perhaps most importantly, your budget.

It is easy to react impulsively to a new KOI FOR SALE advert in the media and online, and it is just as easy to buy the wrong fish because of it. Purchasing koi with bad genetics at bargain basement prices is not only a costly mistake; it can contaminate your entire collection with their bad genetics, but worse, they may be harboring all manner of disease that could conceivably kill off your entire collection in just a few days.

This however, is where we come in: we not only offer healthy, high quality koi for sale with proven good genetics, but our expert advice on, and assistance with buying only the best possible koi is always available FREE OF CHARGE! Therefore, to help you make the right choices when shopping for high quality koi, we have compiled a list of what to look out for, what to avoid, and which questions to ask when faced with a BEST KOI FOR SALE advertisement.


The fish must obviously not appear stressed, but signs of possible health issues include sulking, listing, gasping for air while other fish are not, raised scales, visible scars, lesions, ulcers, open wounds, torn, or split fins, fins clamped to the body, obesity, and an emaciated appearance.


The colors of koi fish are influenced by many factors, including nutrition and the intensity, as well as the type of light it under which it is viewed. It may be a mistake to reject a fish because its colors are not perfect, since it can take several years for a fish to show its true colors, so to speak. On the other hand, it is an easy and common mistake to make to misjudge young or juvenile fish if its color and color pattern are the only criteria used, and unless you are highly skilled in assessing the potential of koi fish for sale, it is wise to obtain expert advice before you purchase it. What may appear to be a well-defined, balanced and fully saturated color pattern today, might not be so well balanced, defined, and saturated in a few years’ time when the fish has grown to maturity.


Buy your koi to fit your pond, and to match the koi you already have. One good rule of thumb is to have the shallowest water depth of your pond be at least twice that of the length of your biggest fish; however, this rule assumes that all your koi are close to being the same length. Moreover, koi have yet to learn the concept of “share, and share alike”, especially when it comes to food and feeding times, which means that if you introduce a fish that is significantly larger than the resident population, it will not only hog all the food, it may jump out of the water because it is not deep enough.

Similarly, koi that are significantly smaller than the resident population may not be able to compete for food successfully, but the real problem with koi of unequal length comes during spawning. This process is violent, brutal, and almost always leads to injuries, even in fish of equal size. Smaller fish can easily be seriously injured, or even killed, and the best protection against the violence of spawning is to have all your koi at the same size.


Dealing with us means that if we say a particular koi conforms to the accepted norms and standards for a certain variety; you can be assured that it does conform to the standards in all respects. This is particularly important if you are planning to breed the fish: the last thing you want or need is to find that your fry are off standard.


Dealing with us means that the koi you buy are descended from award winning Japanese families with proven good genetics that have bred true for many generations. In unproven bloodlines, recessive genes can bring to the fore all manner of undesirable traits, with disastrous results to your breeding program being a distinct possibility.


Dealing with us also means that you will never pay too much for your koi. While the pricing of koi is largely, and frequently a subjective application by some dealers of the “Let’s see what the market will bear” principle, with us you are always assured of the best possible wholesale and retail prices for great, high quality koi.

Trust Your Store:

Our many happy and satisfied customers are eloquent proof of the high reputation and standing we enjoy in the koi keeping community. “KOI FOR SALE” adverts abound online, some to disappear again almost immediately, while we have been supplying the needs and wants of our thousands of customers for many years, and adding new customers daily.

Your pond and koi collection represents a major capital investment, so it makes good sense to buy your koi and pond supplies from a supplier that is trusted by thousands of satisfied customers and koi collectors.


It is vitally important that the people you deal with be in possession of the required skills, knowledge, and expertise to answer all your koi and fish keeping questions. Dealing with us means that you are always assured of professional, friendly, up-to-date, but above all, accurate advice on how to properly, and successfully care for your valuable koi collection.

Best Selection of Online Koi Sale
Best Selection of Online Koi Sale
Best Selection of Online Koi Sale

Variety of Koi Fish For Sale

The astounding variety of koi for sale today might cause the uninitiated to think that the sheer variety is indicative of distinct and separate species of koi. However, this is not the case; there exists only one species of koi- Cyprinius carpio, but with an almost infinite number of variations in terms of color, color patterns, and scale configurations.

And herein lays the allure of these “living jewels”; it is the rare individual that does not find the combination of rippling, clear water and brightly colored orange, red, white, yellow, and black fish darting about, playing follow-my-leader, or just lazing in the shallows to be entrancing. A well-kept and maintained koi pond is without doubt one of the best natural remedies for strung-out nerves after a hard day at the office, but the calming and relaxing effects of koi a pond are even more effective when living aquatic plants have been integrated into the overall koi pond design, which if done creatively, can replicate, and even rival some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

Planning, Or Building a Koi Pond?

Regardless of whether you plan to breed your koi, or merely to keep them as hobby, they need the best possible conditions you can provide. This is not an option; it is an absolute requirement if you want healthy, fast growing, and happy fish that reproduce successfully. With this in mind, consider the flowing tips when you construct your pond:

Home-built or pond kit?

Pond kits are available in many shapes and sizes, and usually include all you need to assemble them, and most of what you need to operate them, so if you lack tools, equipment, skills, or simply do not want to follow the DIY route, a pond kit might be the best option.

Pond depth:

Koi are jumpers, so bear this in mind when you stock your new pond. The pond water level at its shallowest point should be at least twice the length of the largest fish to prevent fish jumping out of the water.


You can never have enough filtration, so bear this in mind because as your fish grow, they will need more efficient and better filtration all the time. With filtration, it is almost a requirement to err on the side of too much than too little.


A minimum dissolved oxygen level of between 7-9 mg per litre of water is required for koi and goldfish. Fish that gasp at the surface is a sure sign of low oxygen levels, which could kill your fish. While waterfalls are a great way to increase dissolved oxygen levels and vent harmful gasses in the water, waterfalls must be supplemented by air pumps and diffuser stones. In addition, bear in mind that water loses its capacity to hold dissolved oxygen as its temperature rises, so test for oxygen levels regularly.

Location, location, location:

At least half the battle of maintaining the water quality depends on effective control and management of the water temperature, (around 740), which makes it vitally important to locate your pond where it will receive between six and eight hours of direct sunlight every day. However, it is equally important to provide shade in the form of plants and/or shade netting to prevent sudden or large temperature fluctuations during the summer months. Similarly, provision for heating the pond during winter in colder climates must be made since your biological filter could die during very cold spells.

There is of course much more to building a koi pond than what is described here, but by adhering to the few points listed here, you will eliminate many, if not most problems with water unstable quality, uncontrollable algal blooms, disease outbreaks, and sudden, or unexplained fish mortalities.

Best Selection of Online Koi Sale
Best Selection of Online Koi Sale

Selecting Plants for Your Koi Fish Pond

All healthy and well-kept koi ponds have one thing in common; they are all small-scale reproductions of natural eco-systems, irrespective of where in the world they are located. As such, koi ponds cannot remain healthy for long without the addition of living aquatic plants, which form an essential part of any healthy eco-system.

However, koi are omnivorous domesticated carp, which means that in nature, a large part of their diet consists of what they can dig up from the muddy bottoms of lakes and rivers, a process that can, and does kill uprooted plants. So how do you introduce plants into your koi pond, and how do you prevent your koi from destroying them?

There are several ways to protect your plants, and all must be investigated and tested since your valuable koi absolutely depend on the effects of plants to help reduce and control the temperature and chemistry of your pond water. In addition, plants provide shade, without which your koi can sustain serious sunburn as well as lose their color, especially the yellow varieties. Therefore, to you keep your plants alive simply follow the quick tips and trick listed below.

  • Use plants that are endemic to your area or climatic zone. If you experience harsh winters with snow and ice, do not use plants that are adapted to temperate or tropical climates.
  • Place some kind of netting that does not contain metal over the soil in pots of plants that need to be submerged beneath the surface to protect them from the effects of your koi rooting in the soil. The non-metal requirement relates to the fact that some metals are toxic to fish when they start to corrode.
  • Use stacks of clay bricks in the pond as pedestals for plants that cannot be fully submerged, and keep the top of the pots or non-metal containers above the surface at all times. Since clay bricks are made of a stable, inert material, they will not affect the chemistry of the pond water negatively. Cement or concrete bricks on the other hand, contain large amounts of lime, which will raise the pH balance of your water to levels that could kill your koi when it leaches into the water.
  • Place clay bricks, large quartzitic or other inert stones around the stems of large plants if the pot or container is going to be submerged. However, large koi are very powerful, so make sure the bricks or stones do not allow koi to get their heads in under them. While they may not be able to move the stones or bricks, their attempts to do so can cause very serious injuries.
  • Plant your plants outside the pond, and allow them to grow over or into the pond. Use appropriate supports where required.

What To Feed Your Koi Fish

While we offer only high quality, world standard koi fish for sale, their diets are beyond our control once they are in their ponds. Unfortunately, many novice koi keepers mistakenly assume or believe that dry, commercial foods contain sufficient levels of nutrients to keep their newly acquired koi in peak physical condition. This assumption may be correct, but only up to a point.

While even the best quality commercially available koi foods list numerous ingredients, the fact is that these nutrients are often not present in a balanced formulation. Exclusively feeding even the best available commercial food can cause serious deficiencies of some nutrients, while creating potentially dangerous excesses of other nutrients if fed over extended periods.

The best possible diet for your koi is one that contains lots of variety, and a healthy balance between dry and fresh foods such as earthworms, meal worms, dried or flash frozen bloodworms, mosquito larvae, and even small quantities of ground beef once a week or so. In addition, your koi will benefit from vegetables such as peas, lettuce, finely grated carrots, and even small pieces of watermelon.

Dry commercial koi food forms an essential part of the diet of your koi, but it must always be remembered that food in nature is often scarce, and of limited nutritional value. Fish are adapted to extract the maximum nutritional content from their food, so resist the temptation to overfeed your koi because they look hungry. Koi will always look hungry, and when they have eaten what you fed them in five minutes or so, they have eaten enough, and giving them more will do them more harm than good.

Owning and caring for a collection of healthy koi is a most rewarding experience, as well as one of the most pleasurable, so in order to ensure the continued health of your pond and koi collection, and the continued pleasure that derives from it, it is critically important to feed your fish correctly.

Best Selection of Online Koi Sale
Best Selection of Online Koi Sale

Summary of Our Services Available To You

We hope and trust that you have found the information on this page useful, and that you will contact us when next you need to purchase high quality koi or gold fish. Our claim that we offer only high quality koi for sale is borne out by the fact that our many satisfied repeat customers become our friends.


WE FEATURE: An Enchanting – Quality Selection of Koi Fish For Sale