Feeding Arapaima Gigas : Max Koi Farm : MonsterFishKeepers.com : HD Quality : Part 2/2

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  1. Those cute froggies are like WTF

  2. monster giants

  3. were is this at?

  4. I think u need bigger pellets Bruce !

  5. wow! a monsterfishkeepers video were the fishes are cramped into a tiny, over crowded, poorly looked after tank? amazing

  6. is that an an an an arowa O.o?

  7. Those r arapaimas n I don’t think that, that is their farm it’s in Singapore so maybe their visiting dumbass

  8. Or somewhere in Asia n that’s ponds not tanks

  9. this completely made my day

  10. i’ma get a fish farm one day!^^

  11. what kind of pellets r u feeding them? pls tell. thanks!

  12. i feed them chicken hearts they do jump abit out of the water

  13. what is their food that is baby frogs

  14. @SooyoungHAHA A bit? xD Corner one and see if they jump just a “bit” πŸ˜‰ Just kidding don’t actually do that.. Seriously

  15. Got one of these in my 20gal planted πŸ˜‰

  16. good 4 the frogs

    dont like them

  17. @paulvdhoek frogs are the greatest survivalists tool, if you are by a stream in the summer and you dont see frogs then dont drink from it, if you do see them then drink from it cause it’s safe. frogs are sensitive to stagnant water and are a sign of a healthy environment

  18. @drewnickel
    i know
    but i’ve got a koi pond in my garden
    and a filtration system
    and sometimes the pomp catch a frog en then the pump overheets and kills itself
    costing me 400 euro’s everytime
    that’s about 550 us dollar
    there 4 my previous reaction

    got some movi’s on my channel of the pond

    see you

  19. 2:22 is so cool, that man loves his fish

  20. what is the name of this music

  21. are they expensive?

  22. Now jump in … what would happen o.O

  23. @erositt000 depends if your rich or not but to me they are expensive. around $200 for a young one(roughly 3”)

  24. Noticed something yellow in the pond at 1:57. Is that a koi?

  25. haha froggys

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