Koi Pearl For Koi Fish

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This NEW invention is perfect for any fish lover. The Koi Pearl is a globe that sits above the water and underneath the globe is a opening were the fish can swim in and out freely. Once in the globe the fish are magnifyed 3x there size creating a great way to display your fish. Also a lighted system is installed into the Koi Pearl so even at night you will still display your fish as it lights up your pond. For any Questions or More information Please Contact Christopher Graves at koipearlflorida@aol.com


  1. wow thats looks cool

  2. awesome!!

  3. this is acrylic skylight . I think

  4. Perfect for attracting herons.

  5. Looks like a skylight on an inner tube.

  6. Looked so cool, the music also added a lot of effect. Can I get the download for that?

  7. awesome!

  8. is it floating or is it secured to somethig

  9. and its yours for only $4999.99

  10. こんな狭いところに・・・

  11. Awesome…

  12. right i need one of them. how do i get one?

  13. pretty awsome :3

  14. haha nice

  15. that pod is awesome

  16. this is so beautiful, I want to have something like this one day ^_____^

  17. @nauris708 LOL

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