KoiDome.com Feeding Frenzy 3 minutes of Koi Carp heaven

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KoiDome.com 3 minutes of Koi feeding frenzy best video yet, watch the Koi Dome fill with Koi as they fight for the food, see the Koi from a new a new dimension, Videos do not do justice to this fantastic sight ! More information can be found at www.koidome.com


  1. I was wondering how much these cost or if you can get them is the US

  2. i was wondering what these cost or if you can even get them in the US

  3. seen better

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  6. @TheGreatBritishAlex only nicer ive seen is the carp between your moms legs now piss off you bloody cunt lolz

  7. you shouldnt cut the top of the sphere… take a wider view

  8. great way to see if a fish has a problem that you wouldn’t see from top side as well.

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