Sakai koi farm Hiroshima

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Sakai koi farm Hiroshima, Japan.


  1. no fun in buying a huge koi… the fun is in growing and developing them πŸ˜€ too bad the breeders are clever and never let the top quality fish “slip the net” so to speak :C

  2. isnt it a benigoi?? :p


  3. yeah Benigoi…true
    It’s money by any name…

  4. I have been considering keeping koi. But because I live in New England, should I relocate my fish to a large indoor tank during the winter months? Or can I install a heater in the pond?

  5. Hi, in winter months i leave my koi and other fish in my pond. Last winter was hard, many waters were frozen. But as long as you have good movement in your pond it wont be frozen at the surface (from filter or air-bubbles).
    I dont think a heater is nessecary,
    (koi)carps are strong fish. i am carpfisher, and i can tell u, there is no other fish that has such a strong will to survive.

  6. great vid, thanks for sharing

  7. yes you will have to move them inside, unless your pond is 5 ft deep or more. When the water reaches a certain temperature, koi go into a state of hibernation. A pond can not reach natural circulation unless it is 4+ feet. (Warm water moving up cold water moving down) This circulation is crucial to keep koi in the hibernation state through the frozen winter.
    There is nothing wrong however with moving them inside for the winter. Since this will help them grow. Best Growth Temp is 70-80 degrees.

  8. ive bought koi about 4 months ago. just wondering why are my koi still so shy? i read online that if i spent time outside with them that they wud get used to having me around but after 4 months they still run. any ideas?

  9. depends on the size of them

  10. don’t feed them for a whole 24hour period, then take some food and place it into your hand and place your hand into the water don’t let all the food leave your hand…let one or two piece at a time…the koi will come to eat or will start eating….repeat this every other 24 hour period….then after a week or two….the koi should come by when you come out looking for food. your not going to kill it by not feeding it for 24 hours, plus feed them at the same spot.

  11. haha okay thanks ill try that.

  12. How to order sakai koi??
    Im from philippines…

  13. wow great job men awesome thi the beatifullb fish i love this fish tank you for video

  14. Wow, those are some beautiful fish.

  15. this is the most intelligent breeder i have ever seen!!!

  16. to buy a sakai koi is you make sakay of the plane papuntang japan.. joking.. haha..

  17. Will definitely visit someday! πŸ™‚

  18. this is what i call koi farm , phew!!

  19. 1 of my goals in life: TO VISIT SAKAI KOI FARM SOMEDAY!!!

  20. sakai koi babies cost at a minimum of 2000 us dollars EACH full grown adults cost at least 12,000 no wonder they can afford so many ponds -.-

  21. thats bull

  22. go to Hiroshima and go see it yourself

  23. Radiation helps produce wonderfull fish.

  24. koi’s are so beautiful

  25. are these Nishikigoi?

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