What do Koi fishes eat? Can I feed it a fish food?

im just asking cuz i have a new pet fish and BTW can I feed my koi fish a RICE?


  1. Kois are natural bottom feeders. Sinking pellet is good but you can’t watch them eat. Koi can also eat from your hand if trained properly. Floating food can help you monitor the health of fish. If it is not eating means it is ill. Usually they should finish meals in just five minutes. Other foods that Koi likes are earthworms, tadpoles, prawns, watermelon, orange, lemon, and lettuce.

  2. a kernel of fully cooked rice is edible, raw rice will expand and do awfulness inside the koi. Cheerios are yummy too

  3. I dont think rice contains the right nutritious value for the KOI . You can go to the LFS and get KOI food , best are pellets . You could get some bloodworms , brine shrimp etc too .

  4. There us special koi food you can buy at the pet store. You can also feed brine shrimp, blood worms, veggies, etc. No fruits or human foods such as rice and cheerios!

    Make sure your tank/pond is large enough – they can get up to a meter long!

  5. Yes it can eat fish food

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