where can i sell my koi?

i have a rare butterfly koi. hes 13 in, has stunning long fins, and a half scale pattern going on. he is absolutly the most beautiful koi i have seen. ive raised him since he was 3 in and not he is getting too big for my tank. the problem is, i want what hes worth. fish stores have offered me 150 but i know hes worth more. i dont know how to sell him though.
so my question is, does anyone have experince in selling their fish? i live in colorado, if anyone knows of a shop or something, or they have other ideas? ive tried craigslist but animals there cant be sold.


  1. Here is what you should do.

    It really does not matter how much you think he is worth it.

    The market is the one that is going to regulate the price.

    Go to different stores and take note how much can they give you for your koi. Then you can work with those numbers. Say if stores tell you that the price range from 100 to 200, the that is what you are going to get.

    The market is really cheap because they get tons of fish from suppliers.

    Now, if you sell it to a private owner,you might get a little more. But they are hard to find.

    If I had a fish that big I would keep it πŸ˜€

    Good Luck

  2. try making it into a sushi, then put it on craigslist. it would sell like crazy!

  3. There are many collectors around the world that would pay thousands of dollars to add this guy to their collections. Find contact info for Koi fish collectors and hopefully you find a loving owner.

  4. Don’t sell him! Keep him until he’s about 18-20 inches. He’ll be worth more!

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